Bethlehem City Cast Registration
Thank you for considering to be in the Cast of Bethlehem City 2018.  This is HUGE undertaking and we could not present this gift to those in our community without your participation.  We pray that your experience will not only be a time of fun and fellowship with other members of WCBC, but will have an impact on your relationship with our loving Savior. 

When the cast assignments are made, your scene director will make contact with you by phone or email.   If you have any questions, please contact the Bethlehem City Cast Director, Jeanie Jackson (936) 890-2670. 

· Being a part of the Bethlehem City cast is of vital importance.  You must commit to be present for all performances in which you are scheduled OR contact your director early enough to be replaced OR find a substitute for your part.  Dinner is served each night in the Student Ministry Building starting at 4:30pm.   All cast members should be dressed and in their assigned scene no later than 6:20pm.

· All costumes will be provided and should be returned to the appropriate area each night.

· You should agree to cooperate and take direction from your scene director.

· We try to make each scene as authentic as possible.  Therefore we ask you to refrain from wearing watches, glasses or any other accessory that would take away from the authenticity of the scene.

· Above all, you should have a good and cooperative attitude with the rest of your cast members and those in leadership. 


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