Bethlehem City


What is Bethlehem City?

DATES: DEC. 5 - DEC. 8 & DEC. 12 - DEC. 15
TIME: 6:00PM - 8:00 PM

This Christmas Season West Conroe Baptist Church will host the 14th annual presentation of “Bethlehem City” as a gift to our community.  When we began in 2006 it was our prayer and intention for this to be an annual event that would attract thousands each year to see and hear the story of Christ.  The results have exceeded our expectation and we are excited to once again present this inspiring event. 

Cars can begin lining up at 6:00PM and the gates open at 6:30PM each night. 

The event is a “drive through” experience.  As you drive onto the campus you will begin to experience the sights and sounds of Christmas.  You'll be greeted with information about Bethlehem City and receive a CD that will narrate your journey as your drive through the city.  After being greeting by Pastor Jay and other WCBC staff members you will enter the gate to the city and take a trip back to 1st Century Bethlehem.  Animals, city scenes, Roman soldiers, citizens of Bethlehem, artisans, and craftsmen will abound.  Travelers will also view depictions of Christ’s life from His birth through His resurrection and ascension.  

It is a unique and unforgettable Christmas memory that will bless everyone that visits Bethlehem City. We hope that you will plan to visit “Bethlehem City” this Christmas.  It will be a fantastic journey!

Bethlehem City Map


join the CAST

CAST MEMBER sign-up is open!  

Bethlehem City could not happen without our awesome cast members.  Being a cast member gives you a fun time of fellowship with our church members and it will have an insightful impact on your relationship with Jesus Christ.  We hope you will prayerfully consider joining our cast this year.  Join the Cast for online registration.

Need Childcare while you volunteer?

We are providing childcare for all of our cast members and volunteers and they serve each night

Join the Crew

It takes a village to put on Bethlehem City. If you would like to volunteer in other ways, click the volunteer form and join one of our amazing crews. 

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