Disaster Relief


March 20 & 21
Kingsland Baptist Church
Katy, TX

DR Yellow Cap Orientation:  March 20, 6pm to 9pm

DR Feeding Unit Class:  March 21, 8:30am to Noon

Orientation & Recertification is a 2-step process.  You must first complete a background check by clicking here.  Once you complete the background check, please REGISTER HERE.  Once on the page, you will need to scroll down and check mark Orientation and Food Handling Class.


 The motivation behind this new missions endeavor can be summed up in one phrase: “A cup of cold water in Jesus’ name.”  In one of Jesus’ last sermons he told His listeners that when we feed the hungry, give them drink, cloth them and visit them that “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” 

 That is “Sharing Christ in Crisis”  

The primary avenue of ministry for West Conroe will be through a mass feeding unit.  In the fall of 2013 God blessed WCBC by providing the perfect trailer for this ministry.  It is equipped and outfitted to be used at disaster sites as well as in other mission and ministry opportunities. 

Disasters are unpredictable and unscheduled and not everyone can respond every time, therefore, we need a good number of volunteers trained and ready to serve.

If you would like to serve in this ministry, please contact Randy Skelton at randy.skelton@wcbc.us or Crystal Miller at crystal.miller@wcbc.us.