Hurricane Harvey Relief
Hurricane Harvey caused great loss across our community. As a church body, this is our time to step up and meet the needs of those outside the church walls in His name. We are called to love others and help no matter the capacity. Keep in mind the long-term effects and the months of work that we have ahead of us. West Conroe staff has been in contact with the Office of Emergency Management of Montgomery to seek out ways we can help. Please continue to check your email and our Facebook page for updates.


 Volunteer Needs

+ Groves, TX
Feeding and Clean-up
Contact Minister of Missions, Kay Robinson
-Hour drive from Conroe-

+Teams outside Conroe-Montgomery Area
(50-60 person maximum teams)
Clean up/Sheet-rock

Home Damage Reports:

Call our church office to inquire about teams coming to your house to help with clean up and tear out.