Leadership Equipping

The Bible teaches us that we are "to equip the saints for the work of the ministry, for building up the body of Christ" (Ephesians 4:12) In order to fulfill the command to make disciples, it is vital that we invest, equip, and empower emerging and existing leaders to carry out the ministry of the church. 

Our desire is to provide easy, obvious, and strategic steps to build servant leaders who help fulfill the mission of WCBC to "Lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ." We desire to see servant leaders who:

I. Growing in their Faith- Self Leadership

- What are my Next Steps?
- How do I experience spiritual growth in my life?
- What skill sets will help me in my Marriage/Parenting?

II. Know how to make Disciples- One to One Leadership

- What is a Disciple?- a fully devoted follower of Christ
- How do I share my Faith?
- How do I disciple someone?

III. Develop teams to accomplish Ministry- Team Leadership

- How do I get field experience with a Ministry Team?

IV. Lead WCBC to be on Mission- Organizational Leadership

- What is the Vision of WCBC?
- What is the Mission of WCBC?
- What are the Values of WCBC?
- Organizational Resources
  • Building Reservations/Events 
*Please note to contact Katie Buras at this time regarding any questions to reservations for Life Group Fellowships or Events being put on by a Life Group. Other event reservations contact Pam O'Neal.