Our Values and Strategy

Values of WCBC

Why are we doing this?

The following convictions guide our actions.
  • God’s Word: our standard for truth, life and faith
  • Intentional Prayer: listening and waiting on God to direct our lives
  • Powerful Worship: celebrating His presence in our lives individually and corporately
  • Authentic Community: joining together to experience biblical preaching and teaching, the meeting of needs, Christian fellowship, and being led to be on mission for Christ
  • Missional: strategic mission projects that maximize our impact for Christ
  • Servant Leadership: sacrificial service using our gifts, abilities, and treasures to serve Him and one another
  • Christ-centered Families: equipping marriages and families to become discipleship centers

Our Strategy

How are we doing this?

The Discipleship Pathway provides next steps for those who are ready to discover Christ, to those who are ready to be disciple-makers.
  • Discover what the Bible says a personal relationship with Christ is
  • Connect to Christ and His Church
  • Grow in my faith
  • Multiply my faith through disciple-making

Our Measures

How do we know we are being successful?

We know we are accomplishing our mission when we see people taking their next steps.